KabCo Cucine®
Italian Cabinet Line Built to Last

Contemporary, durable and timeless, KabCo Cucine is a luxurious product with innovative conveniences for the modern consumer. We showcase creative modular elements, integrated lighting and stunning furniture finishes made in Northern Italy. This exclusive brand allows you to create impressive designs that maximize your space while taking the complexity out of design.

Hand Grip

The Hand Grip is a handless option ideal for those of us with a busy lifestyle. This design is characterized by a unique anti-slip technology to ensure a firm grip every time you open your cabinets.

30° Slant

30° Slant is a cutting-edge door design featuring an elegant 30° incision for handless access.

Grooves & Integrated Handle

Opening Systems for base and tall cabinets

Groove 1

Groove 2

Integrated Handle

Vertical Cabinets

These open front elements are ideal for creating open spaces. They can be equipped with stemware holders and lighting kits.

Increased Storage

Storage space expands with our increased storage capacity.

Illuminated Shelves

Our open shelf system is like no other. It comes with integrated LED lighting in asymmetrical designs.


Glass backing for open spaces


Organization is key. From pantry pulls-outs to corner units, we have your covered.

Illuminated Interiors

A properly lit kitchen is a must. Our cabinets are illuminated from the inside for your added convenience.

Touch of Glass

A high gloss UV finish gives a luxurious glass effect. The Luxury Collection is a contemporary product line with brilliantly reflective surfaces that simulate fine glass.

Distinct Cabinet Solutions

The Tetris

A versatile and modular open-front element, to be used in combination with wall units or tall units.

Table Support

The perfect table or peninsula support available with exposed sides.

Tetris End

A versatile and modular open-front element, should be positioned at the end of the composition.

Floating Shelves

Modular open-front system consisting of a wall paneling and floating shelves.

Display Cabinet

Custom glass wall cabinet.

Table Support

The perfect table or peninsula support available with a finished panel side.

LED Lights

Glass panel with integrated LED lighting system.


Metal sheet open-front units, lightweight and versatile, available in various heights and widths.

Cabinet Finishes

Lacquered Finishes